Quotes Absolutely amazing product!! We purchased some and just fell in love with the flavors so we bought more to put in my Christmas basket giveaways... Everyone enjoyed very much!! Will definitely be back for the new flavors.. And the BBQ sauce?? Out of this world.. Thanks so much for making such a tasty product.. :) Quotes
Steven and Christine
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I was visiting friends in the Oakdale, Ca area during this last week and we went to a Holiday event where your product was being displayed. I can honestly say thank you so much for this wonderful honey that I purchased and can now take back home with me to Iowa. There is nothing like this in our area and I was amazed and the smooth yet bold taste. Thank you so much, I will be a repeat customer for sure. Quotes

Quotes I picked up a couple of jars of your honey at the Bloomingcamp Fair in Oakdale, Ca. I must say I am extremely pleased from the professionalism of your service to the amazing product!! Thank you so much for my new found love for honey!! Quotes
Satisified Mom

Quotes Mike, this is Josh, I must say I thought maybe you were making it out to be better than it is because your selling it. Not the case. Your honey is outstanding. Two heaping tablespoons in some homemade sauce on some babybacks, they were unbelievable. I could taste spicy honey with every bite. Many thanks. Quotes
Josh Causey

Quotes This product is questionable at best. I was looking at this and I thought, oh boy what did my wife bring home now. Well I was looking at the packaging and thought, the jarring and the labeling was very nice. I thought man, someone put in some hours jarring and tying and labeling these jars. Then I opened it. I smelled the honey, which I was overwhelmed with cinnamon. I love honey, and I think of myself as a honey expert. I didnt understand the point of the walnuts, when very few are even in the jar. Most think they taste what they read or what they are told so I was very skeptic. I tasted the honey, MINUS the walnuts, as I am not a nut person. I was very pleased. I liked the rich tones of the flavors and each of the flavors labeled I could taste. The sweet and strong tones of the brandy were pleasing and I was impressed. If I were to rate presentation 1-5 I would rate 4.5 (nothing is a 5) and taste I would rate you 4 out of 5, lose the walnuts, you will get a 5 from me everytime!!! Quotes
Skeptic view

Quotes I am posting this for my mother, who was at the Niles Antique Faire today in Fremont, Ca. She is not computer savvy so I figured I would write to you what she said. Her words exaclty "Only problem I had today was not being able to re-dip my toothpick in the tasting tray so I figured I just buy a jar, thank you for your kindness and your gentle spirit Ms. Amy, not many will take the time to speak in depth about their products. Thank you." Thank you for your time with my mother it is appreciated. Quotes
Honey Lovin Granny

Quotes I always have a jar of honey on hand with 2 kids who love peanut butter & honey sandwiches....after tasting this honey I will never buy honey off the shelf at the grocery store!! This honey is so rich in flavor it explodes in your mouth! I cannot wait to use it when I BBQ & I am an avid smoothie drinker & I always use honey as a natural sweetener, I know my family will love this honey & I will not be able to stock enough in my pantry! Thankyou for the time & effort ya'all have made in making such a delicious product!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Quotes
Melissa Rice
Mother & lover of honey

Quotes I have never been a huge honey fan. I have been looking for things to incorporate in a more health conscious style of living and thought I would try this product out to replace jam/jelly. I was sold on the first bite! This honey truly is like no other I have ever tried. It has such good flavor as well as texture. I have shared this product already with friends and family and will continue to watch for new flavors to try! Quotes
Very Happy Customer

Quotes YOUR NUTS ARE TO DIE FOR!!!!! Once I tasted them I was shocked as I have had roasted almonds before and have had flavored ones before BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS!!!! MAKE MORE PLEASE Quotes

Quotes Every Farmers Market I end up with HONEY STICKS GALORE with the kids. SO, this time, I bought this DrunkenBerry Honey from you for myself! AMAZING, bit powerful on cinnamon, however, I loved it. If you were to bottle this in 2lb jars like your RAW I would buy it, please keep us updated on your Facebook or your website, we watch often Thank you for such a cool product and super tasty! Quotes
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